These videos highlight the bae™ Ultra High Ratio system's features, as well as installation and replacement instructions. Learn more about how you can put bae™'s dispensing system to work for you.

Introducing bae™

The bae™ Ultra-High-Ratio system is low-maintenance, low-overhead, and serves thousands of drinks from each pre-loaded dispenser.

Installing a bae™ Stand

The bae™ Stand acts as the base for two dispensers. It connects the dispensers to the water source by way of a CFValve, ensuring proper blending.

bae™ Stand with Retaining Clips

The bae™ Stand with Retaining Clips is for ship and aircraft installations, or anywhere else that the dispensers need to be secured from moving.

Installing Your Dispenser

The bae™ Ultra-High-Ratio dispenser is easy to install, taking only minutes from unboxing, to setup, to serving delicious bae™ beverages.

Replacing a Dispenser

The bae™ Ultra-High-Ratio dispenser is easily replaced once empty, and free shipping is provided to return spent dispensers for recycling.
Cleaning the Faucet

The bae™ Ultra-High-Ratio dispenser's faucet requires periodic cleaning. Cleaning kits can be ordered from bae™.