Markets Serviced

bae™'s patented Ultra High Ratio dispensing system addresses demands for less waste, more efficiency, and the promotion of renewable resources. Learn more about how you can put bae™'s dispensing system to work for you.

Department of Defense


Military men and women around the globe enjoy bae™ beverages- an assortment of isotonic drinks, flavored teas, and other specialty drinks for all types of land and sea based military operations.

bae™ beverages refresh, re-fuel, and re-hydrate all while saving 95% of the environmental impact over legacy beverage dispensing systems.

Convenience Retailing


bae™ partners with convenience store owners and franchisees to add value to their beverage offerings. bae™ offers an assortment of high-quality flavored teas, fruit drinks, and other beverages.

The baedispensing system ensures the lowest level of environmental impact with our super-efficient, water-powered, service-free beverage dispenser.

Restaurant Chains & Independents


Today's consumers have many choices when it comes to dining out. Restaurant operators are continually challenged to keep up with environmental regulations and changing consumer tastes.

bae™ is the future of beverage dispensing - the water powered, fully recyclable Ultra High Ratio dispenser provides an assortment of high-quality beverages, offering the solution to today's ever changing world.



From primary schools in to higher education, bae™ supplies the ambrosial taste and the financial and environmental savings required to satisfy all agencies and stakeholders.

The bae™ product line includes zero-calorie vitamin-enhanced flavored waters made with natural flavors, and isotonic sports beverages that replenish lost electrolytes. 



At bae™ we offer a complete line of ambrosial, zero calorie beverages that are geared specifically for hydration and the diabetic diet. We also offer a full line of zero calorie, flavored teas and lemonades. 



It takes constant attention to detail to ensure that your guests are truly welcomed and relaxed. The bae™ dispenser offers a super-efficient, water-powered system, that offers simplified logistics and service free convenience.

The simplicity of set-up and ease of operation are a perfect fit for your hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, cafeterias, casinos, lodges, parks, and/or convention spaces.

Office Services


If your office has a water line then bae™ has the future in beverage dispensing for you. With bae™ there’s no need to worry about running low on inventory or about equipment malfunctioning. 

With bae™, office managers don’t need to worry about service calls or the establishment of delivery logistics. Office managers can simply order replacement units and additional flavors online. 


bae™'s dispensing system is a super-efficient, eco-friendly, water-powered dispensing unit that pours hundreds of gallons of beverage. Federal, State, and County correctional facilities can rely on bae™ for a high volume, service free, and environmentally sustainable dispensing solution.