About bae™

bae™ offers ambrosial, zero calorie beverages made from all-natural, direct-from-source flavors that are guaranteed to leave you and your customers feeling refreshed!

bae™'s proprietary Ultra High Ratio dispensing technology will dramatically improve your costs at every level of procurement, inventory and operation.

bae™ offers a super-efficient, water-powered dispensing system, that comes preloaded with an your choice of flavored teas, vitamin-enhanced waters, and isotonics.

The super-efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly bae™ dispenser is designed for ease of use and seamless integration.

Each bae™ dispenser is preloaded with natural flavor extracts. Simply place in the bae stand, connect a water line and start dispensing drinks. No electricity is required, the dispensers are powered by water pressure alone - free and clean energy stored in your waterline.


All bae™ units are factory set, no matter what water pressure the unit sees, it dispenses the perfect drink every time. One bae™ stand with two dispensers pours up to 5,000 drinks.

Replacing a bae™ unit is just as simple! No tools are required. Disconnect your current unit using the simple dry break, connect your newly delivered unit and resume pouring thousands of all natural, zero calorie drinks!