planetbae - Teas, Drinks, Enhanced Waters, and Isotonics

Welcome to bae™ - The Future of Beverage Dispensing

bae™ is changing the way beverage concentrates are made distributed and dispensed.

bae™'s innovative ultra-high-yield dispensing technology will dramatically reduce your costs and carbon footprint.

bae™'s patented dispenser comes to you loaded and sealed with the finest extracts and flavors to produce 2,500 ten-ounce drinks - 200 gallons of delicious, zero-calorie beverages that refresh, refuel, and re-hydrate.

bae™ provides delicious zero-calorie teas, vitamin-enhanced drinks, and isotonic sports drinks.

Why bae™?

A typical dispensed beverage concentrate is essentially a small amount of flavoring mixed with a large amount of water, which is then filled into plastic bag, packaged inside a cardboard box, loaded on a truck, shipped to a regional warehouse, and eventually, to your storage room.

bae™ takes fresh-brewed teas and natural flavors in their purest form, and only blends in water as the drink is dispensed.

No BIBs, No Electricity, No Service, No Hassle

bae™ dispensers are powered by water pressure, no electricity or expensive dispensing equipment. We provide a baeStand with the patented CFValve water blending control device. All you need is a simple water connection.

bae™ will direct ship right to you - no inventory or storage - no hassle.